Self Love: A Silent Revolution.

Valentines Day, either you anticipate this holiday and the love it brings, or you really dread it and all of the disgusting lovey-dovey people can go to hell (kidding!). I used to be the latter, bitter and miserable. I hated Valentine's Day and all it stood for, not because I hate love (who hates love??) … Continue reading Self Love: A Silent Revolution.


What 2017 Has Taught Me, About Me.

This year definitely taught me more things about myself than any other time in my life has. Here are 16 things 2017 has taught me, about myself:

Worth, Self-Love, and Self-Deprecation

Self-love was not something that I had found until just a few months ago and it was truly an uphill battle to finally get there. Throughout the majority of my life I was always constantly reminded that I was unattractive, or not thin enough, or that my skin wasn't light enough, or that I was"pretty, for … Continue reading Worth, Self-Love, and Self-Deprecation

Flowers in Focus

My Italian Experience

This is my total experience in Italy and I am 100% transparent with you all in this post. I hope that you enjoy or learn something new!

8 Tips for Living Your Best Life

Life can be tough to navigate, especially when you don't have any idea as to how to just be. However, this post offers a bit of guidance for those who don't yet know how to live their best life! Peace, love, and light. 🙂