Earlier this year we began offering a sliding scale payment system for Black and Brown folx with income insecurity who would either like to participate in one of our workshops/private lessons or purchase our work. We began to offer this sort of program because we understand the barriers that are in place that can affect one’s access to ceramic collecting and classes alike. As we know, the clay-sphere is predominately white and able-bodied, and it not only affects who is allowed opportunities but also who has access to this space because it can be exclusionary. So, we want to do our part in shifting this model to one that encourages and moves toward equity. If you are someone who falls under the basic criteria mentioned above, please fill out the form below so we can send you a one-time use discount code to use on whatever purchase you make. The code only applies to purchases made directly through Danielle Carelock Studio, this discount does not apply to classes offered through a third-party entity. (There is no limit to how often you can apply, we understand how fluid income security can be. All information provided is 100% confidential.) If you are someone who would like to support this initiative or sponsor a workshop, feel free to contact us!