A Grim Reminder: Health and Racial Inequity Isn’t New, COVID-19 Is Only Highlighting That.

Over the past several weeks we’ve been seeing data emerge concerning the relation of racial identity to COVID-19 cases and deaths. Across the U.S., communities of color, particularly black communities have been disproportionately affected by the novel coronavirus and for many, there’s no surprise. Health disparity has always been a reality, though there is no [...]

We Were Featured In the ASC’s Newsletter!

We were recently interviewed about our arts practice by Bernie Petit with the Arts and Science Council! Go check out our interview here: https://www.artsandscience.org/asc-grant-helps-propel-emerging-artist-forward/ The Arts and Science Council provides advocacy, cultural education programs, cultural planning, fundraising, grant making, public art and workshops and trainings for the cultural community. They work to ensure Culture For [...]

Self Love: A Silent Revolution.

Valentines Day, either you anticipate this holiday and the love it brings, or you really dread it and all of the disgusting lovey-dovey people can go to hell (kidding!). I used to be the latter, bitter and miserable. I hated Valentine's Day and all it stood for, not because I hate love (who hates love??) [...]