A statement from the Artist

For most of 2022, I struggled with my both my mental and physical health, forcing me to consider my own mortality, my life experience, and the history that I’ll leave behind. My work is the tangible historical reference that encompasses my soft and fragile human experience, frozen within a very rigid and lasting material. I want my work to capture this human expression in the minute details of the form without compromising comfort or function; such as in the tactile impression left from the heel of my hand on the base of a cup or the visible finger indentations left in the silhouette of the glaze, a reminder of when it was handled. These seemingly insignificant details within my work capture the unique process of its own human invention. Clay is one of few materials able to physically capture the softness of humanity, and this uniqueness is something I am continuously thinking of in my creative practice.

As living beings, our time on this planet is finite and the ceramic work that we create will remain well beyond our lifetime. Ceramics has this amazing yet unique power to capture in time a tactile and ephemeral moment of human expression. Centuries from now, whether whole or fragmented, this work will continue to exist and that’s something I often remind myself of as I work.

Picture of the artist in her studio centering a mound of clay on the potter’s wheel. circa 2019


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