New Year, New You? + 2016 in Review

Happy New Year! It’s “snowing” somewhere in North Carolina right now, so I have decided to welcome the new year with a celebratory blog post. So, kick off your shoes, grab some tea or hot chocolate and enjoy!

So, just about every New Year we hear ourselves repeating the “New Year, New Me” mantra and making many, many (sometimes slightly impossible) resolutions to accomplish in the new year.  January is the month for release and renewal, it symbolizes a fresh start and the beginning of a whole new journey but it is completely up to you to embark on it.

Every year just as often as we make resolutions, we break resolutions. Most often because we never laid a mental foundation to accomplish them. Have you ever heard the saying, “Faith without works is dead”? Well, the same goes for goals and resolutions. They don’t just happen because we verbalize them, they happen because put in the time and effort to accomplish them. (If you would like to check out my previous post on goal setting click HERE.) Lastly, it is completely up to you to change your life at the start of a new year but you can also choose to change your life at any moment. It doesn’t take a major transition of time for you to start over. You could even choose to change your life on a Friday at 7:26 pm, while you’re watching Family Feud and eating ice cream. It’s your life and it is waiting for you to live it.

2016: A Year in Review

Okay, 2016 was a complete shit show. It was like watching yourself in a horror movie but you can’t run, you can’t hide, and you can’t escape the evil. You can only face whatever comes. Last year there were numerous terrorist attacks, more police shootings, SYRIA, many celebrity deaths, Brexit, Zika, the U.S. election of a demagogue, and the many, many hate crimes that have followed since his election. BUT, there were a few good things that happened last year too. Last year tiger numbers began to rise after years of decline, the ozone layer began repairing itself, the U.S. finally issued an intersex birth certificate, Harriet Tubman will (eventually) be on the $20 bill, 800 Boko Haram hostages were rescued, Toys R US offered silent hours for children with autism during the holidays, and 2016 showed us that women CAN run for president AND get the popular vote. Also, in 2016 I found something that I became passionate about, signed the lease to my own place, started this blog, and I was able to travel to Italy too. 2016 may have been terrible on a grander scale but it also had it’s redeeming moments. Finally 2016 has shown us that we can persevere and overcome.

This new year will be great but only if we make it so. Take control of this year and make it amazing! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and subscribe for more!

As always,

Peace, love, and light <3.