24-Hour Anxiety Attack: An Open Letter to American Airlines

Dear American Airlines,

Thank you for treating my mental health issue as if it were an infectious disease.As embarrassed as I was to talk about it, I am grateful to have expressed one of my symptoms of anxiety, nausea and vomiting, to your very attentive and rude flight attendant. Thank you for calling the entire emergency crew to come and haul me away for being an anxious flyer. I appreciate you, Captain especially, for ensuring your other 300 passengers that they would not be infected by this “infectious disease” by kicking me off of your flight. Thank you American Airlines for denying me my flight home and forcing me to sleep in an airport and stuck in a foreign country for twenty-four hours. Thank you for telling me that I would be taken care of and have a flight home with no penalty but thank you most of all for ensuring that that would not happen. Thank you for guaranteeing me an intense and relentless twenty-four plus hour anxiety attack in a foreign country. Thank you for treating my sister so rudely over the phone when all she tried to do was get me home.Thank you for making my anxiety attack one of the worst ones I have had since my mother died last year. Thank you for charging me an expensive rebooking fee for being involuntarily removed for a symptom of this mental health issue. Thank you especially to the group of people clapping as I was leaving the airplane. You have no idea what someone is going through and to express joy when someone else is experiencing something very difficult and traumatizing truly shows how much empathy and kindness you have in your hearts. Your flight might have been delayed but you were not at all going to suffer from it. Lastly, thank you American Airlines for valuing your company and money first and your passengers last. Always fly American, they truly are Going for Great.


An Anxious American Advantage Member.

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