8 Tips for Living Your Best Life

Life can be difficult and sometimes we can get thrown A LOT of curve balls that can throw us off of our balance which can be a little difficult to bounce back from. When life gets unbearable or confusing, you should give yourself time to heal and return stronger than ever. I am a strong advocate for self-reflection and taking time to find yourself and your purpose in life because it’s difficult to do that with the influences of worldly distractions like the media, friends/family, the internet, and so forth. Some people are born knowing exactly who they are and who they are meant to be, but for people like myself who are struggling to cope with the burden of losing a parent, school stresses, financial issues, and etcetera, that can be extremely difficult to do because our minds aren’t always 100% focused on just one thing. When that happens you should take some time away from everything and everyone that is adding to your stress and regroup. Taking time to rebuild yourself and find solace, is okay.

I have comprised a fairly short list of tips (ones that I am just now learning to follow myself) that are helping me to live the best life that I can and I hope that you can take something away from this post and apply it to your own lives

1.) Be yourself.

I can’t possibly stress this one enough, which is why it is first. You have just ONE life, so please don’t try to be anything other than yourself. A lot of the time, especially as young and impressionable teenagers, we find ourselves wanting to fit in but popularity fades and so will that trend. Do what makes you happy and I guarantee you, you will be ten times more happy just being you. Just be you because there is no other person like you in this world and that is in itself special.

2.) Don’t be afraid of change or growth. 

Seedlings don’t become beautiful flowers or plants without change. Change is inevitable and you should never be afraid of growing because that is how you become your best self. It’s okay to rebuild yourself, it’s okay to give yourself second, third, and fourth chances, it’s okay to start over. I used to be afraid of change for most of my life because the future can be scary, but you know what? Things can’t become better unless they change.

3.) Don’t be afraid to do something. Failure does not mean the end. 

Honestly, failing isn’t the greatest feeling in the world but before a product becomes successful there are HUNDREDS of prototypes and they were each “failures”, but they were also lessons and eventually became that successful product. Do you remember the the first mobile phone ever or the 1st generation iPhone? You wouldn’t have the latest iPhone 6 if it weren’t for it’s predecessors. Think of failures as building blocks or stepping stones, they have to happen to get you where you’d like to be.

4.) Stop gossiping about others. 

This is something that I think is extremely important. Gossip gets you no where, you gain nothing, and it is hurtful to others. One of my mantras is to always give people a chance, be forgiving, and understanding of situations because you truly have no idea of what people are dealing with or battling once the doors close. We are all deserving of love and understanding.

5.) Never stop learning new things

Knowledge doesn’t just end once you graduate and there is so much to learn. Neurologists are extremely smart BUT in that area. Jane Goodall knows a lot about chimpanzees but maybe knows nothing about the importance of a crumb coat when frosting a cake. The point is, there is so much out there to learn about. Don’t limit yourself with just stuff that you’re taught in school. Besides, you’re taught what the professors and teachers want you to know but is that what YOU want to know?

6.) Losing friends is okay. 

Sometimes we grow in different directions and sometimes your friends aren’t always on the same wavelength as you. The things that they may find important may not be as important to you and that is okay. You have to surround yourself with people with the same drive as you in order for you to stay on the track that you want to be on. We are subconsciously influenced by those around us. So, it’s best to surround yourself with people who inspire you and who are genuine people.

7.) Don’t let everything offend you.

Not to say that sometimes things or people aren’t offensive or mean because sometimes they are but people aren’t always out to get you or hurt your feelings. Not everyone has ill-intentions, you can’t go through life being offended because someone said green isn’t your color or that they don’t want to be your friend. The world is a very large place and no one is going to tiptoe around your insecurities or feelings. The world will never revolve around just one person, though sometimes we’d like it too. Not everyone has a vendetta against you. It’s time to change the way you look at things and when you do, things will change.

8.) Laugh.

 Unless laughing or smiling causes you serious discomfort, it is the best remedy for any issue you are facing. Studies show that laughter can boost your immune system and lowers your cortisol levels, which is the hormone for stress. When my mother passed away last year, I had completely shut down and I felt like my world was ending and that I was drowning because in my heart and my mind, I was. But, I had so many good, funny memories of my mom and I had loving people around me who had good and funny memories to share as well, so that the despair I was feeling became a little less heavy to bear. Til this day those moments are exactly what keeps my head above water. So, create a life filled with happy, funny, and important moments because it’ll keep you here longer, make you happier, and give those who love you something to hold on to.

There are a lot of things that go into living a purposeful and amazing life but the most important takeaway from this blog post should be to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward each day and working towards building your best self. We are all works in progress and the woman or man you are today, can be made over and become even better tomorrow.  Live the best life that you know how to, FOR YOU! Because this life is yours and no one else’s, and you ought to live it the way you want.


Each day is a brand new beginning. Just breathe and start again. You can start living your best life today.

Until next time, peace, love and light 🙂